angel11I am who I am, but I can be what I want to be.
I wonder who people see when they look at me.
So I stand in this cold! Cold! World.
Like the homeless child a little orphan girl.
And the world that looks so down on me.
Look with their eyes but they really can’t see.
Then one day a man that sits upon high.
Caught a glemce of me from the corner of his eye.
Then he said, “they say you are the least but I will make you the first.”
But for my word and righteousness you must hunger and thirst.
That the first time I realized I couldn’t be all that I wanted to be.
Because I had just begun and God was through with me.
My destiny had changed and from his words I would overcome.
I was ready to travel the road of “Who I Will Be” for I was guided by the sun.
For so long I had been in darkness then I moved to midnight.
For that was the darkest hour before the sunlight.
Narrow is this road but with the light of God I can see.
And now I have a partner on the road of “Who I Will Be.”


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