Psychology of Mental Health-Examination questions (26/Agust/2009)

  1. “Pointing the finger of blame and localisation causation at the victim of mental ill-health has been a conspicuous facet of the way in which such people have been regarded and treated down through the ages”. Discuss.
  2. “The term schizophrenia is no longer useful” Discuss
  3. Are psychological factors alone sufficient to explain phobia and panic disorder?
  4. Why does post-traumatic stress disorder befall some people and not others who have experienced the same traumatic event?
  5. Can obsessions and compulsions be explained by instrumental and classical conditioning?
  6. Is personality disorder a disordered diagnosis?
  7. If major depression really is the common cold of psychopathology, what factors are so common place that they could account for this “runny nose” of the mental ill-health?
  8. “The shift towards a preference for a thin female frame is the sole cause of eating disorder”. Discuss.
  9. “Bipolar disorder is a biological disorder”. Discuss.

10.  What are the psychological roots of sexual dysfunctions?

11.  “Substance dependence can be explained through genetic and neurological factors” Discuss.


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